Far From the Madding Crowd

We finally finished reading Far From The Madding Crowd. Now it's time to write about it. Go to the comments of this post and answer these questions.

1. Describe Bathsheba, Gabriel and Sergeant Troy.
2. According to Gabriel, what is Bathsheba's fault in the first chapter?
3. Why does Bathsheba reject Gabriel's proposal?
4. How does Boldwood fall in love with Bathsheba?
5. What do you think about Bathsheba?
6. How does the story end?
7. Do you think Bathsheba and gabriel will be happy? Why or Why not?
8. Thomas Hardy used the title to tell us that life is not always peaceful and quiet in the countyside. What do you think?
9. What do you think about this novel? Will you recommend it to your friends?
10. Did you learn anything from the book?